Log debarker

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    Log debarker
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1.Machine body use steel plate with good quality,reliable and enough rigidity. 2.Blade angle is automatic adjustment 3.Hydraulic feeding. 4.PLC control system. 5.Customization is available. 6.Suitable for a complete production line.

Product Description
Model BBP2600F BBP2600E BBP2000F BBP2000E BBP1400F BBP1400E
Working log diameter φ80 - φ400mm φ130 - φ500mm φ80 - φ400mm φ130 - φ500mm φ80 - φ400mm φ130 - φ500mm
working log length 2600mm 2600mm 2000mm 2000mm 1400mm 1400mm
Motor power 33.5kw 33.5kw 33.5kw 33.5kw 20.5kw 20.5kw
Cutting speed 45m/min  45m/min  45m/min  45m/min  45m/min  45m/min 
overall size 5250x2100x1350mm 5250x2270x1350mm 4550x2100x1350mm 4550x2270x1350mm 4000x2100x1350mm 4000x2270x1450mm
Weight 8000kg 8000kg 7000kg 7000kg 6500kg 6500kg
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